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Albert Hipman was born in Milan. He developed a real passion for music at the age of 14 when he bought his first vinyl. He decided to increase his musical knowledge and began attending techno parties in Switzerland and Southern Germany. Because of his friendship with the resident DJ of Frankfurt technoclub, Albert stopped in and made up his mind to focus on techno-trance music.
Step by step he started to perform his music in Milan. In 1998 after he attended festivals, he decided to concentrate on German techno music, having lived in Germany for a short period of time. Before he had visited the Czech Republic and began to collaborate with Both Free. He started performing his own DJ sets in the Czech Republic, Northern Germany.
His passion for music led him to the United Kingdom, where he traveled around the country by coach with his crew Synthetic, performing his music for free at different venues. When he came back to Italy he continued the musical education to improve the product he made. The old school and current sounds of techno music influence mixes, he produces.

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